Guide me towards my Lord

Daisani, an atheist, came to Imām al-Sadiq (pbuh) and asked him: “Guide me towards my Lord”

Imām said to him: ‘Take your seat.’

At that time one of his small boys was playing with an egg in his hand. The Imām called upon the boy: “O´ boy, give me the egg.”

The boy handed over the egg to the Imām. Imām al-Sadiq addressed the atheist and said:

“O´ Daysānī! This is a fort with its doors closed.  It is covered with a thick layer, below the thick layer there is a thin layer. Below the thin layer, there is some liquid gold, and some molten silver. This liquid gold does not mix with the molten silver, nor does the molten silver mix with the liquid gold (in spite of their both being fluid).

The egg stays as it is. Nothing precious comes out of it to indicate how rich is the inside, and nothing harmful can enter in it to indicate how harmful it is. No one can tell it the egg has been created to produce the male or the female. When it cracks, it presents Creatures of bright colouration like peacocks. Do you not see any director to direct all this?”

The narrator says: “ad-Daysānī bowed his head in deep thought then said: I witness, verily, there is no God except Allāh, the One.  There is no partner for Him and verily Muhammad is His slave and His messenger. And you are the Imām – the divinely appointed guide, and Allāh’s evidence for His creatures. And I retract my steps from my previous path.”

The book of Al-Kafi Vol1, P.80


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